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Mapping to Australian qualifications

We have mapped the LabSim courses to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) ICT qualifications. We are in the process of mapping to the new ICT training package (July 2020), 

We analyse the competencies within each of the ICT qualifications on the site and indicate against each competency where relevant content can be found within the LabSim courses. Our existing TAFE and Private College customers are finding the mappings we have done invaluable in integrating the courses into their programme delivery. To date we have mapped against the following:

  • Certificate II Information, Digital Media & Technology
  • Certificate III Information, Digital Media & Technology
  • Certificate IV Information Technology
  • Certificate IV Information Technology Networking
  • Diploma Information Technology
  • Diploma Information Technology Systems Administration
  • Diploma Information Technology Networking

Please contact us if you wish to see the mappings.

In addition to these mappings, there are also textbook mappings available and a complete set of Course Outlines and Lesson Plans produced for every LabSim course. 

Each of the courses also map directly to, and prepare students to sit a vendor certification from CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft or the EC Council. 

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