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Our Solution

Appcon is the exclusive distribution partner for ed2go (Education to Go) in Australia and New Zealand.

ed2go provides the highest-quality online continuing education courses that are affordable and easy-to-use through a network of more than 2,100 top colleges and universities.

Here’s How it Works: No risk, nor any up-front charges. We don’t make you commit to any performance agreements, long-term leases – you can terminate the program at any time.

You promote the courses, register the students, and earn a new source of revenue; we create, host, staff, and support the courses.


A Bit More Detail:

  • We build, host, and maintain a branded storefront for you. Students will come to your website, click on a link to your branded site, browse the catalogue, and once they have selected a course, click to enrol.

  • We fill your online catalalogue with your selection from our 350+ instructor-facilitated online courses.You set the pricing your students will pay for each course. Appcon charges you a pre-set fee for all courses per enrolment. You retain the profit.

  • Students have the option to drop a course and will receive a full refund.

  • Every course runs monthly, there are no cancellations of courses due to low enrolments. We staff the courses with friendly instructors, many of whom are well-known authors. Our instructors write the courses themselves and will provide your students with all the advice, answers, and care necessary to ensure a superb learning experience.

  • Students obtain a Certificate on passing the final assignment

List of courses: this is being added to and updated continually. Here are the subject areas.

  • Accounting & Finance – 43 courses
  • Business – 151 courses
  • College Readiness – 18 courses
  • Computer Applications – 97 courses
  • Design & Composition – 53 courses
  • Healthcare & Medical – 53 courses
  • Language & Arts – 83 courses
  • Law & Legal – 9 courses
  • Personal Development – 148 courses
  • Teaching & Education – 93 courses
  • Technology – 112 courses
  • Writing & Publishing – 46 courses

Experience the Appcon difference

Appcon provides affordable, best-in-class online continuing education courses through a network of more than 2,300 academic institutions.